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Acupuncture &
Herbal Medicine

At Lakeland Acupuncturist we help you restore your health and vitality through the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture is a medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for over 3,000 years. Acupuncture is proven to remedy acute or chronic ailments, relieve pain, enhance recuperative abilities, and strengthen the immune system. 

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Conditions Treated


Pain affects 116 million Americans  according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies and almost 1/3 of these people experience chronic back pain. Drugs to treat pain are highly addictive and carry uncomfortable side effects. Surgeries can be risky, costly and sometimes have little impact on the pain.

Acupuncture can help. Regular treatments impact pain receptors in the brain and decreases muscle tension around stressed tissues. Pain reduction is often immediate and pain resolution is often achieved after a series of regular treatments.

Read more here about the largest study performed to date regarding the use of acupuncture to relieve pain and this New York Times article reviewing a 2012 study about acupuncture and pain.


About 27 million Americans suffer from pains of arthritis. Joint and muscle pain in areas like the spine, hips, and fingers makes this issue one of the major causes of disability  in adults.

Acupuncture can help. A study by the National Institutes of Health revealed a 40% decrease in pain and improvement of joint function from baseline after only 14 weeks of treatments.


Over 50 million people experience some form of severe headaches at some point in their lives. A minor headache, let alone a more severe one can lead to to lost valuable time out of partaking in life. Drugs may work quickly and temporarily, however they do not address the root cause(s) and when used for long periods of time can produce unwanted side effects.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help. It addresses the multitude of factors that contribute to headaches including body constitution, hormone imbalances, emotional health, excessive stress, and/or physical trauma. Regular treatments can reduce the severity and frequency and many times eliminate them completely.


It is estimated 32 million people in the U.S. suffer some form of insomnia- whether it is difficulty falling or staying asleep. As the body’s need to heal and recuperate is during sleep, disturbances can have a major impact on health. 

Oxygen-enriched blood flow increases with acupuncture and so the muscular and nervous systems are calmed preparing the body for sleep. Chinese herbs can also treat disturbances that prevent restful sleep such as breathing and digestive issues.

Click here to read more about how acupuncture helps improve sleep and the research supporting it.

Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture can be used to reduce the side effects of withdrawal and cravings experienced when quitting smoking. A study here published in the American Journal of Public Health reported that when ear acupuncture was combined with smoking cessation education, patients were more likely to stay smoke free post treatment (than just education alone).

The ear acupuncture used for smoking cessation is called the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) or the 5 Needle Protocol combined with other points selected according to your body unique needs.

If you are ready to quit smoking, consider acupuncture. It is recommended that patients receive at least two treatments a week to help with anxiety, cravings and other symptoms of withdrawal. Nutritional and herbal supplements can also be prescribed to help you along. After you quit, acupuncture can be reduced to maintenance treatments.


Over time stress takes a toll on our bodies. When threatened, the sympathetic nervous system is designed to activate, causing the heart rate to quicken and blood to flow to the extremities while shutting down other important functions like digestion. In addition, the adrenals secrete cortisol and over time high levels of cortisol will impact metabolism, increase blood pressure and inflammation and suppress the immune system.

Acupuncture can help by increasing blood circulation and oxygen in the tissues while decreasing cortisol and releasing natural painkillers and feel-good endorphins. Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered and muscles relax- leaving the body feeling less stressed. Review a study conducted in 2015 by Georgetown University Medical Center and published in The Journal of Endocrinology.






Medications prescribed for anxiety can come with serious side effects and/or may not provide all the relief needed. Acupuncture can help. Click on the tip sheet below for a list of acupuncture points you can put pressure on yourself to help alleviate symptoms temporarily and more.


Varicose Veins


Erika uses a variety of treatment modalities when working with children and/or babies. She is specially trained in pediatric Tui Na, which is an effective bodywork technique for reducing symptoms in young children such as:

  • Digestive disorders- constipation, diarrhea and stomach pains
  • Immune challenges- common cold, chronic earaches
  • Neurological challenges- ADHD, migraine headaches, epilepsy

Erika also uses a cold laser as well as acupressure with children to stimulate the prescribed acupuncture points, which is a non-invasive and gentle technique.

Certain kids can do well with acupuncture needles as well, and each situation is handled individually and with sensitivity and fun!






stroke recovery



Colds & Flu


Fibromyalgia affects about 3-6% of the population globally- that is an estimated 200-400 million people worldwide and affects more women than men. Symptoms include fatigue, stiffness, aches and pains, muscle tenderness, sleep disturbances and digestive issues. A study conducted in 2010 suggests that acupuncture treatment is effective in relieving pain and discomfort that are symptoms of this disorder and also helps to address the underlying causes of the condition by restoring the balance to the body.




Of the approximately 62 million American women of reproductive age in 2002, 1.2 million (2%), had an infertility-related medical appointment within the previous year, and 10% had an infertility-related medical visit at some point in the past. A 2007 study found that acupuncture may improve the quality of life in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization. Women receiving acupuncture reported less stress, pain, nausea and stress after egg collection procedures compared to conventional analgesia. A 2008 study concluded acupuncture was effective as an adjunct therapy to IVF to aid in relaxing the uterus and increasing blood flow for improved rates of embryo implantation.


Digestive Disorders/IBS

Digestive disorders can cause abdominal pain, gas/bloating, constipation/diarrhea and/or acid reflux/indigestion.  Chronic symptoms can lead to more serious diagnoses like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). An estimated 10–15% of adults in North America suffer from IBS , and it is associated with a significant reduction in health related quality of life. IBS is one of the most common reasons for work and school absenteeism. Acupuncture along with nutritional guidance and/or recommendations can help address the symptoms related to these conditions as demonstrated by this study conducted in 2012.

Weight Loss

According to the National Institutes of Health, 66% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to for having healthy blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also instrumental for preventing diseases related to weight- including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. Using acupuncture along with wellness coaching is a unique and cutting edge approach to permanent weight loss. 

Acupuncture is great for those interested in losing weight. First, it reduces cortisol, a hormone known for promoting weight gain (see this study that shows how acupuncture reduces cortisol levels). It also increases production of endorphins- a hormone related to the sensation of relaxation— improving stress management. Acupuncture helps you get out of pain and gain energy, so you can be more active in physical activities and exercise. In addition it helps reduce cravings for sugar and junk food and helps improve digestion and rebalances organ systems that govern metabolism.

Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture can be used for cosmetic purposes, also called an “acupuncture face-lift.” Combined with a healthy lifestyle, acupuncture is a non-invasive way to nourish the skin creating smoother, softer and hydrated skin. It is useful for avoiding side effects that can result from more costly and risky procedures like drug therapies and/or surgery.

The use of small needles on the face can boost collagen production and increase general circulation of blood and lymph to the face, improving the complexion. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture can be helpful to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes, age spots and sagging skin. In addition to facial needles and a facial massage, a full acupuncture treatment is also received based on the patient’s unique constitution. This helps to boost overall health, so beauty can be realized from the inside-out. Often improvements in sleep, energy, digestion and stress management can be a “side-effect” of these facial rejuvenation treatments! 


Chronic allergies creates physical symptoms such as sneezing congestion, sinus infections, hives, swelling, and itching or redness of the skin. It also creates emotional symptoms as many chronic allergy sufferers experience moodiness and/or depression as a result of aggravating symptoms. Many allergy medications also come with unwanted side effects like fatigue and low libido.

Acupuncture can help. Combined with herbal therapy, acupuncture improves the function of the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells in the body. Acupuncture can help alleviate sinus congestion and pressure as well, giving patients immediate relief.


Many veterans suffer from PTSD.  The Veterans Administration (VA) reports that as many as 11-20% of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have it.  Common war traumas include having been shot at, having seen someone shot or having seen death, but another cause of PTSD in veterans is military sexual trauma (MST).  According to the VA, 23% of women in the military report sexual assault.

Patients who receive acupuncture for PTSD report stress reduction, improved mental clarity, improved energy, enhanced performance, better sleep, fewer bad dreams and headaches, less anxiety and depression, reduced anger and pain, improved general health and better relationships.

and more…

Are you wondering if a health condition you have can be helped by acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine? Contact us for a free consult.



Meet Our Practitioners

Kathleen Barber, MSAOM, RAc , Dipl. Ac.

Kathleen Barber, MSAOM, RAc , Dipl. Ac.

Kathleen Barber is a nationally board certified (NCCAOM) and registered Acupuncturist in Michigan. She received a Master of Science of Acupuncture from one of the world’s leading centers for natural medicine, Bastyr University and a Master of Science of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Bachelor of Science of Nutrition from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. She was first introduced to Acupuncture & Chinese medicine while working as an HIV Case Manager in Chicago and witnessed the profound, transformative impact that it had on her clients’ quality of life, health and emotional well-being.

Through her own personal history with anxiety, Kathleen has a perspective that encompasses both experiential knowledge and compassion. When anxiety, insomnia and vertigo began to affect all aspects of her daily life, she decided to give Acupuncture a try. With consistent weekly treatments, Kathleen ceased having panic attacks, anxiety decreased, sleep quality improved and she was able to manage stress more effectively. She discovered that her symptoms were inter-related and received tools and resources to be utilized outside of the treatment room. As a result, Kathleen was inspired to learn more about Chinese medicine and ultimately based her career path on helping patients experience their own freedom from physical & emotional imbalances.

Kathleen’s clinical experience and mental health background led her to specialize in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, attention disorders, anxiety, depression, substance use and recovery, sleep disorders and pain management. In addition, she has specialized, post-graduate training in pediatrics, fertility and women’s reproductive health and digestive disorders.  Treatment focuses on individualized, patient care that values and supports a holistic, integrated approach in treating the body, mind and spirit.  Kathleen has a passion and commitment in facilitating patients’ optimal health and well-being through Acupuncture, Chinese herbal supplements and whole foods nutrition. As treatment progresses, patients experience increased states of integration, wholeness & balance.  



Kathleen Barber, MSAOM, RAc , Dipl. Ac.

Associate Acupuncturist
Erika Schultz Dipl. OM, LAc, RAc, ACN

Erika Schultz Dipl. OM, LAc, RAc, ACN

Erika Schultz is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) and a certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN).

Erika holds a Masters of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine  and advanced certifications in clinical nutrition through Texas Chiropractic College and Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family Studies from Central Michigan University and a 200+ hour Hatha (Roots) Yoga Certification from Vital Yoga.

Erika’s passion for integrative medicine began at a very young age, with two parents who took a practical and critical perspective on healthcare when she began experiencing her own personal health crisis at the age of twelve. For years she managed the symptoms of her condition fairly successfully via preventative measures and medication. Over time, however, she began to see the impacts of stress, diet, and the pharmaceutical drug on her body.

A chronic foot condition led her to discover the healing benefits of acupuncture and then a few years later, encouraged by her twin sister and brother who are also healthcare providers, she was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing™. As a client she began to see immediate results- in energy level, weight loss, and overall vitality and quickly knew she had to share this system with her clients. She is passionate about helping them restore their own health by uncovering and addressing root causes and revealing the body’s innate ability to heal itself.



Erika Schultz Dipl. OM, LAc, RAc, ACN

Founder, Acupuncturist & Nutritionist
Jean Dai, Dipl. Ac, RAc

Jean Dai, Dipl. Ac, RAc

Jean Dai’s interest in acupuncture began in 1990 when she enrolled in the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TUTCM), one of the top 10 universities that specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. In addition to a busy career in chemical engineering and being a single working mother at the time, she was able to successfully complete the coursework necessary to obtain a Certificate of Acupuncture in October of 1994.

After graduation, she practiced acupuncture with Dr. Hu Guang, a renowned acupuncturist at the Tianjin Hexi Hospital. Later, she immigrated to the United States to join her husband and reunite her family, and eventually became a registered Acupuncturist through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Since then, she has treated thousands of  patients with soft tissue injury disorders, various chronic pain syndromes, depression as well as other medical and gynecological symptoms. She is also very experienced in Cupping and Chinese therapeutic Tui Na massage. Jean has received many  letters and testimonials from patients thanking her for the results they have received as a result her treatments.


Jean Dai, Dipl. Ac, RAc

Associate Acupuncturist
Princess H. Benson, RAc, AP, DOM

Princess H. Benson, RAc, AP, DOM

Princess H. Benson, RAc, A.P., D.O.M., is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is a licensed Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL). She completed her four year medical program at The Florida Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine where she graduated with highest honors.

In addition to her Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) credentials, she holds a degree in Computer Science and spent a number of years in the Western medical fields of OB/GYN and Family Practice.

Dr. Benson specializes in several areas of TCM including: Internal and Preventative Medicine, anxiety/depression disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, migraines/headaches, menopausal and PMS syndromes, arthritis, back and neck pain.



Princess H. Benson, RAc, AP, DOM

Associate Acupuncturist

What Our Patients Say About Us

I was experiencing severe pain in my left hip due to a 30 year old work-related injury which recently flared up.  I was only able to lie or stand .  I had been to the doctor for muscle relaxers and pain medication (naproxen) and had also been to a chiropractor but still found little relief.  I also had right shoulder and neck pain and stomach upset.    After my first treatment my hip pain was gone for several days and the shoulder and neck pain are virtually gone and I have no more stomach upset!!  I am over the moon excited about how I feel and this is only my second treatment!  (M.P.)

“I was having low back and right leg pain.  I was nervous and anxious about the first time having acupuncture, not knowing what to expect.   I found I was really calm and relaxed and enjoyed the whole acupuncture experience, and there has already been a decrease in both my back and leg pain.” -K.L.

“Jean is caring, informative and has a lovely demeanor.”


“I’ve had acupuncture for years with another practitioner…Jean Dai runs circles around her: in knowledge, explanation, technique and enthusiasm. Jean is very “into” her practice!!  I woke up refreshed, energized…although pleasantly achy from my exercises. I walk straight upright now after one session. Can’t wait to go next week!!!”



My shoulder upon arrival was painful and I was unable to move my arm or even lay on my left side. I would say the level of pain/discomfort was at a 10 on a scale of 1-10. After the treatment, my shoulder feels great and the muscles are loose. I am not sore and I have no pain.


I had sore lymph glands under my right ear. I had pressure/soreness of my right pinky finger. I was experiencing headaches, anxiety, and was feeling tense. I also had some itchy skin in an area where I had previously had an infection. After starting treatment, I am feeling better! My lymph glands are less sore, there is almost no pain in my pinky finger, and I feel less tense. I am very relaxed and have comfortable, easy feelings in my mind. My skin is not as itchy and the rash is disappearing. I am feeling more at ease overall.


I was having “jolts” of lower back pain after kayaking this weekend when I came in for treatment. After treatment my lower back feels much better!


Before starting acupuncture treatments I had very little energy and was experiencing significant pain. I came in with hope and to try and control my lupus. I wanted my life back. After the first treatment, I did get some energy back and I did feel better. I do believe she will help me to help myself get back to a normal life!


I came to Lakeland Acupuncturist for smoking cessation and stress. I was not sleeping well due to a stressful job, experienced loss of concentration and was not feeling good overall. I also felt depressed and overwhelmed. I did NOT want to take medication for these symptoms. Since starting treatment, I am sleeping better consistently and have more energy. I am down to 2 cigarettes a day (from 4/day). Last night, I decided to quit purchasing more cigarettes.


I’ve experienced overactive bladder for years. I was using the bathroom 17-18 times per day. Along with discomfort, I was also experiencing random pains in my lower abdomen. In only six sessions, I’ve seen a big improvement. So far, I am down to 9-10 bathroom trips per day on average. Also, the discomfort has gone away for the most part. To date, I am extremely pleased with the results of the treatments and excited for further improvements.


When I sought treatment, I had plantar fasciitis and was also very tired. After a few treatments, my foot feels GREAT again and I have more energy.


Princess has spent a lot of time talking/listening to me and has given me quite a lot of information!


I can’t rave enough about Jean. I feel as though she truly cares about my well-being. I am so grateful to have found her! 


Before treatment, illness and pain prevented me from working out.  Thanks to Jean Dai I was able to increase my exercise to 57 minutes on the elliptical and lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks.  My energy is increased, my pain is reduced, my hunger is managed better.  Overall, I feel so much better and I am better able to achieve my weight loss goals. 


Before treatment I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes and drinking 750 ml of alcohol daily.  I was having daily headaches and digestive issues.  I wasn’t able to sleep through the night and was getting up at least 5 times throughout the night.  I also had a back ache all the time.  Now, I have reduced my smoking to 1 pack every 2 days and reduced my drinking to 1-2 drinks per day.  My stomach isn’t as upset all the time.  I am sleeping better, only getting up 1-2 times per night.  I was even to sleep through the night on one occasion.  My headaches have let up a little bit as well.  (R.R. 2/23/17)


Prior to treatment, my shoulders ached without moving and my lower back was always stiff.  Now, I have less shoulder pain, and only when I stress them.  My lower back is not as tight as before.  Stretching exercises really helped with my shoulder pain. (S.R. 2/17/17)


For the past 4-5 years, I could only sleep two hours without waking and getting up. After the first appointment, the issue with my back got better, and for the past week I have been able to sleep through the night!  I also had less stiffness in my hands after treatment.  I am excited to come back! (J.H. 2/17/17)


My right biceps tendon was extremely strained and painful; I could not move it in any direction more than a few inches.  I was in all-consuming pain.  After two treatments my shoulder pain is gone.  There is some very minor stiffness that Jean is working on as well as balancing my body’s ability to heal itself.  Jean is proficient and capable but most connecting for me is her kindness and earnestness in helping.  She is working to help people restore their own inner wellness system and balance.  Thank you! 


When I first sought acupuncture treatment I was having severe lower back and leg pain due to two herniated disks.  The pain prevented sleep, made it difficult to sit and I was just cranky! After treatment with Erika I am pain free and my favorite part is that It was without medication.   

Jean has been helping with my overall health.  We have discussed several issues of concern, especially those tied to menopause.  Jean has helped me get my energy back and is currently working with me to improve my sex drive.  Both my husband and I are very happy with the success of the treatments.  (Anonymous 3/7/17)


I used to have heart burn quite often, now I only get in every once in a while. I was also a bit unsteady on my feet and slower moving. I now feel more steady on my feet, more able to climb up on the treatment table and move to different positions for treatment faster and easier.


When I came here my complaints were lower back issues and knees – one is end stage and one is bone on bone. I also have periodic issues with my left shoulder. Jean has treated all these areas over my 5 visits. I have had relief from the aching pain in my lower back. My knees have a lot of arthritis so I can be stiff after sitting or sleeping, but now once I am up and moving, I am fine. Jean treated my left shoulder only one time and I was able to do extensive work the next day for 4-5 hours with no problems. I feel like I am getting relief in these areas with Jean’s help.


I was suffering from plantar fascitiis for a year. I was in 10/10 pain and after 4 cortisone shots and ibuprofen, I was still in 6/10 pain. I was also experiencing 8-10/10 pain in my lower back and left hip and leg. For my sinuses I was taking two Zyrtec and was doing 2 nasal rinses per day. In addition, I was experiencing a loss of smell and stress/anxiety. Now, the plantar fasciitis is gone. There is no pain and thus I no longer need ibuprofen. The pain in my lower back, left hip and leg has been reduced to a 3/10. There is no change in my loss of smell yet, but I am down to one Zyrtec and one nasal rinse per day. My stress is also better.


After the 3rd surgery on my right shoulder, I had certain spots that if you touched them, I would nearly drop to my knees and cry. I also had a large scar from the last surgery that was puffed out and red. It too was very tender to the touch. It was impossible to sleep any more than 20-30 minutes at a time before I was awoken from the pain. After the surgery and a number of acupuncture treatments I now have no tender spots. It does not matter where you push, there is no pain. Yup, no pain in any of these areas! I would recommend acupuncture to anyone with pain… it can’t hurt and likely help.


I had 7/10 pain in my right leg that is now reduced to a 5/10. I also had 5/10 pain in my left leg which is now a 4/10.


My pain level went from a 5-6 to a 0-1. Improvement started after the 4th treatment.


I have pain in my right foot and leg. I was taking medication every night for pain. Now, the pain in my foot and leg is getting better. I only have to take medication 1 or 2 nights a week for the pain.


I had arthroscopic knee surgery and I couldn’t walk for more than 10-15 minutes on a treadmill or anywhere. I was depressed and hungry all the time, probably from emotional eating. After 8-9 treatments with Jean I am doing 40 minutes on the elliptical every day, moving better and feeling better. My appetite is decreased and my weight is slowly coming down. I am able to make progress. Also, I had blood work done at my PCP and all my labs were improved and within normal limits.


I had very tense shoulder shoulder, neck and lower back muscles. Also, I have a tendency to clench my teeth so TMJ was an issue as well. The pain radiated across the head, my head and ears felt full, and I had some dizziness. Now, I am still in the process of recovering but I notice improvement in my overall health. I combine acupuncture with massage and it works great for me.


I had numbness on my right side that was severe enough to interfere with daily activities. I was also feeling fatigued, even after sleeping for 8 hours. Now, the numbness has greatly improved. Before, I would not have been able to hold a pen to write this. I am looking forward to continuing the treatment plan for even greater improvements.


When I sought treatment I was dealing with a lot of pain. Sciatica caused pain in my right leg at a 10/10 level. I also had pain in my left shoulder at a 7-8 out of 10 level. After 14 treatments the pain in my leg was reduced to 4/10. Now, I have ZERO pain! The pain in my right shoulder, after just 2 treatments, was reduced to a 3. Now, the pain is most often a 1!. I saw great results on both. Jean is wonderful!


I sought treatment with Lakeland Acupuncturist for smoking cessation, knee pain, and pregnancy-related nausea. I felt a lot of stress and was smoking 1-2 packs daily. I was also uptight, tense, and always feeling uneasy. Now, I am calmer, find it much easier to relax, and was able to go 5 days with no nicotine replacements. I have cut down my smoking to 2 cigarettes per day with very minimal anxiety. The knee pain and the nausea have completely subsided!


I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. None of the prescription or OTC medicines really helped with chronic pain due to the inflammation. Acupuncture was recommended as an alternative medicine. My hips, hands, knees and feet hurt all the time. I had maybe 4 days a month where I was pain free. After the 2nd acupuncture session I was pain free in my hips! By the 4th session my “all over” pain had reduced from 7-8 on the pain scale to a 2-3 daily. My overall vitality has improved 100%! Instead of feeling tired, drained because of the pain all day, I feel ready to tackle the day. Currently, the pain due to inflammation is very localized – left ankle and right elbow, which I anticipate will be gone in the next 2-3 sessions! I feel like ME again! Thank you Lakeland Acupuncturist!


I started to have at least weakly migraines. My stress levels were high; my glass was half empty. I was also having right shoulder and arm pain and was taking the maximum daily dose of Gabapentin. In addition, I was having aching in my breasts, low back catches and pain. My sleep was only good with Ambien, and even then, not always. Now, my migraines have decreased to occasional- only with weather or increased stress being the triggers. My stress is under better control for the most part. My shoulder pain has decreased. No more breast aching. I am actually getting tired and ready to sleep before I take the Ambien. I am getting up earlier. I just saw my hematologist and have good blood numbers. My liver numbers have improved a little and the abdominal aching I was having pretty much stopped.


Before treatment, I suffered from headaches… very sharp, focused pain that was always present. It started out mild in the morning then became progressively worse throughout the day. At times, I would have to lay down in a dark, quiet room because the pain was debilitating. After treatment, the severity of my headaches is greatly reduced. The intensity does increase throughout the week, but it is not as severe as before the treatments started. There are fewer instances where the pain is debilitating.


I had arthroscopic knee surgery and I couldn’t walk for more than 10-15 minutes on a treadmill or anywhere. I was depressed and hungry all the time, probably from emotional eating. Now, after 8-9 treatments with Jean I’m doing 40 minutes on the elliptical every day, moving better and feeling better. My appetite is decreased and my weight is slowly coming down but it’s decreasing. I am able to make progress. Also, I had  blood-work done at my PCP and all my labs were improved and within normal limits.

-SE South Lyon

I had very tense shoulders, neck, and lower  back muscles. Plus, I have a tendency to clench my teeth so TMJ was an issue as well. The pain radiated across my head and eyes. My ears felt full and my head felt dizzy. Now, I am recovering and I notice improvement in my overall health. I combine acupuncture with massage and it works great for me.

-KO Brighton

I did not have much movement in my right foot, shoulder pain, and had tightness in my right hand. My right foot did not have much circulation and so it was always cold. Since starting acupuncture a couple of months ago with Jean Dai, my shoulder pain, right hand and the temperature in my right foot has improved.

-ND New Hudson

My lower back and knees really bothered me and after just a over a month of regular treatments I feel a great deal of improvement.


-KR Pinckney

Last night I had only one “episode” and it was short and much less intense. And, for the first time since all of the issues started, I was able to sleep part of the night on my right side! So pleased!!! And looking forward to more success with this painful issue! I can’t thank you enough!!

I had vague abdominal pains, chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain. I was under a lot of stress and had challenging family issues occur.

Now my abdominal pain has completely resolved and the neck and shoulder pain is improving. I am able to cope with stress more effectively and handle holidays successfully.

-CN Pinckney

I had a bad cough for 8 weeks prior to receiving acupuncture. After just a few visits my cough is completely gone!

-SM Pinckney

I had poor circulation, low energy, knee pain, back pain and high stress with constant ear ringing.

After just a month of regular treatments my circulation is improving, my energy is much higher. My back pain is gone, my knees are much better and I am managing stress better.


-BH Pinckney

I had left arm and shoulder pain for years and a constant nose drip. After just a few treatments my pain is gone and the nose drip is already not as bad!

-RS Pinckney

I was tired and hurting all the time. I could not stand up straight and walking was very difficult. My right leg was cramping on a regular basis. My hands were numb and non-functional to a major degree.

After just five sessions my leg is cramping far less. I am standing straighter and having more freedom of movement and walking. The feeling in my hands is slowly returning and some mobility is coming back in the fingers.

-MM Pinckney

I was rating my pain as a 9-10  on the pain scale. After just three sessions and less than two weeks of treatment, my pain is down to a 3-4!

DS Brighton

I had lots of pain in my right foot- it was painful just to walk and I was tired a lot. I also had some hip and shoulder pain on the right side of my body and I was very stressed.

Now I can walk without pain, I wake feeling alert and rested and my hip and shoulder pain are almost completely gone. I feel like I am handling stress easier and my mood is better throughout the day.

-GD Pinckney

I was stressed to the maximum. I was a mess when I started at Lakeland Acupuncturist!

The first session gave me noticeable improvements  in only an hour. Over the course of the past couple of months and just six treatments, I have regained  balance. My stress levels are much lower. I look forward to each session because it give me an hour of relaxation with no cell phones, laptops or other distractions.

-TF Ann Arbor

I had high stress and was smoking 1-2 packs per day when I became pregnant. I was unable to quit with nicotine patches and gum and was experiencing nausea, knee pain and tense/uneasy feelings.

Now I am calm and am able to go 5 days with no nicotine replacements. I have cut down to 2 cigarettes per day with minimal anxiety, no knee or nausea and it is now easier for me to relax!



My pain was so bad I was headed towards using a wheelchair. Within just a few weeks of regular treatments I am so much better that I am not even using my cane.


My initial visit my pain was between 8-10 on a 10 scale. I can now say I am at a 2-3, this is a huge change. I am able to manage my day without taking medications which I relied upon for 1-2 years. My goal is to be completely medication free and I am almost there!

-TR Pinckney

I had vague abdominal pains, chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain. I was under a lot of stress and had challenging family issues occur.

Now the abdominal pains have resolved. My neck and shoulder pains are improving and I am able to cope with the stress of major holidays successfully.

-CN Ann Arbor

My hands were painful- about 5-6 on a 10 scale. I was smoking 7-10 cigarettes a day and my energy was very low. My allergies were very bad with a constant runny nose and sneezing.

Now, my hands are about a 2-3/10 and I am smoking less than 3-4 cigarettes a day. My energy and allergies are much improved.

-KR Pinckney

I had high blood pressure, palpitations, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain and lower back pain, and feelings of doom and gloom often.

Now, my blood pressure is better, my palpitations, neck and hip pain are gone and the low back pain is better. The feelings of doom and gloom are gone and I feel more upbeat, optimistic and happy!

-IR Pinckney

My pain levels were above 6 (out of 10) and were constant event with medication. Within 3 sessions I am now to a level of zero pain and with herbs the beginning of a sinus/cold has improved and drainage  has stopped.

-TR Pinckney

My feet and knees were in terrible pain and now they feel good. My back is always very sore and my neck and left arm were in pain.

Now my pain is reducing with the acupuncture and herb connection. I feel like I am on my way to getting better. I have less pain and am feeling better overall.

-MC Pinckney

Prior to my first visit, I was having terrible pain with my sciatic nerve and chronic lower back and knee pain. I had to wear compression braces on my knees and could not make it through the grocery store because the pain in my sciatic nerve would get so bad.

[After just four treatments], I have not had to wear knee braces even though the weather is getting colder. I am pain free most days lately, and not only can I make it through the grocery store, I have been walking a one mile loop on a trail on my property.

-TO Dexter

My foot was in pain all of the time. Even while sitting or laying down. Walking was painful, but dancing was sometimes unbearable (and this is my profession). There was sometimes a shooting, throbbing pain, but always pain. (Just a few weeks into treatment) and I am now sometimes pain free. It hurts when I am dancing sometimes but now I can even walk without pain. I am feeling better, more energy and more productive. The pain I do have is bearable compared to what it was.

-GD Brighton

I had a numbness in my leg for years and my physician said there was not anything that could be done for it. I also had trouble sleeping and would be up every few hours to use the bathroom. I was constantly tired and had no energy. I also had lower back problems and even used a cane to get up and walk sometimes. Acupuncture has significantly reduced all of my symptoms. The numbness in my leg is gone.

-PG Pinckney

My blood pressure was up, I had varicose veins that were very painful and my sleep was very poor. Thank you, Erika, I am so happy I met you- you are the best- because now my blood pressure is good, the veins look so much better, the pain is gone and my sleeping is so much better. All systems are excellent. Thank you.

-KN Bloomfield Hills

I started seeing Erika for acupuncture for back and hip issues which I’ve had chronically for 8 months, it has helped  alleviate pain and has gotten me great results! But I also noticed I was struggling around that time with recovery, physical and mentally from training 4-5 times a week, stress from working a full time job and just the normal things from everyday life. I found acupuncture helped and helps me tremendously in my recovery in both aspects and I’ve become hooked. Acupuncture has become a great routine to help me live a more comfortable & relaxed lifestyle. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Erika for the experience!!

-ML Dexter

My leg ached from hip to shins. It was difficult to keep walking. When I walked my gait was off and in constant pain. Sleeping was difficult because of the pain in my legs. It was hard to find a comfortable position. The constant pain made me irritable. The pain in my legs has subsided to almost nothing. By the end of the day the pain will be in 2 maybe 3 spots but does not radiate down the leg. Walking is much easier and doing 2-3 miles is comfortable. Sleeping is easier to fall and stay asleep. I am not in constant pain anymore which improves my attitude.

-RH Howell

Erika is a fantastic practitioner that takes a holistic approach to your overall health. She uses a focused, instinctive technique, that, in my experience, is unmatched.This, in combination with her knowledge about nutrition, will put you on the path to wellness. Erika radiates an energy that is healing and encouraging, and my overall experience was better than getting a massage!

-TN San Francisco

Erika is a highly intuitive acupuncturist who also has a wealth of training and knowledge. I have visited numerous acupuncturists for my personal healing process, and my experience with Erika was that she honed right into the source of my problem and helped the energy to be released and dissipate.

-KL Austin

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